You've heard of 'you can't have your cake and eat it',, well how about 'you CAN have your cake and eat it' ... yes...you can when you can be covered in it.

Splish Splosh come get messy and enjoy the slippery sensations of a Splosh session.

Enjoy being pied in the face?, being covered in jelly and ice cream, custard, moose, baked beans, ketchup or peanut butter the come get messy!

If being pied in the face isn't your thing, and you simply want to enjoy the sensation of different textures on your skin we can also do that.

Have you ever been told not to play with your food? Well in my chamber you CAN do exactly that as well. I also take pleasure I covering you with your favourite food and watching you as you play about with it however you wish.

Let me cover you in your choice of splosh things.

What else could you want?!?!


Are you lucky to enter the gunge tank?...and are you lucky enough to participate in a mutual gunge session with myself?

Then come live out you messy fantasies with a fellow gunge enthusiast.

The gunge tank will be your new favourite place. Join me in the gunge tank for a gungtastic time.

Embrace the mess and enjoy the feeling on the being gunged completely by your choice and colour of gunge. Enjoy sitting in the gunge tank as the anticipation builds up as you wait there for me to pour the gunge over you, as you sit there listening to the sound of the gunge hit of yourself and the tank. Then finish off splashing around in the gunge if you wish so.